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Facing a SWPPP deadline, our client, Waste Connections, enlisted Mark Seeding Services to help stabilize exposed slopes at the Cold Canyon Landfill site. The
best methodology for mitigating soil erosion would employ the use of a BFM
(Bonded Fiber Matrix) application. Hamilton Manufacturing's X-9000 BFM was
chosen because of its ability to effectively address the challenges of
the severe length and degree of slope at this site.

Extreme slopes are no match for our fleet of
4100 Gallon Apex Hydroseeding machines
and equipment.

Slope terracing on large landfill projects creates shorter slope lengths that work to reduce the erosion potential of sheeting rainfall.

The first of multiple layers of BFM that are
applied in opposing directions to ensure a
uniform hydromulch blanket.

Upon completion of the final application,
the BFM creates a uniform barrier
against potential erosion.