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Centex Homes, the developer of the Cyan Subdivision in Reno, Nevada,
contacted us to provide them with a solution that would address summer dust
control which significantly affects air quality in the Reno area. In addition, they also
needed a solution for an effective winter erosion control application that would
meet their environmental compliance requirements. Polymer based dust palletives
can be very effective at controlling fugitive dust, but unfortunately, they’re not
designed to control rain erosion. The answer was to apply Evolution 70, a SFM,
(Stabilized Fiber Matrix), product. The interlocking fibers provides a strong soil
cap that is very effective for both dust and erosion control. This allowed us to
efficiently seed all four sites in one day!

This large, exposed home construction site
was very susceptible to wind erosion and dust
affecting air quality in the Reno area.

Highly experienced applicators are essential to
delivering an effective, high-quality product.

A bonus benefit to the application of a SFM
product is it's high visibility to local
inspection agencies.

When applied properly, the SFM provides a thick,
uniform cap over the soil surface.