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The Sacramento Levee Revegetation Project required the seeding of three
different seed mixes at each of four different sites along the Sacramento River,
and an adjoining slough. In fact, one of the areas to be seeded was on an island accessible only by ferry, adding to the challenge of mobilizing for multiple sites.
Dutra Construction, the engineering contractor, was facing a fast approaching
deadline. To accommodate our customer’s problem, Mark Seeding Services
used three different hydroseeders, one for each site specific seed mix.
This allowed us to efficiently seed all four sites in one day!

Transportation by ferry to access 1 of 4 sites
on the Sacramento River.

Setting up for production and safety guidelines.

Step 1 - Completion of the seeding application

Step 2 - Completion of straw mulch application

Step 3 - Completion of the tackifier application

Careful hose work was required for areas
of limited accessibility.

Mobilization of hydroseeding equipment for
time-sensitive, multiple seed specifications.

Project completion