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The goal at the Sierra Canyon Subdivision Project, by Pulte Homes, in Reno, Nevada, was to obtain sustainable dust and erosion control by vegetating the site
until the project was ready for final build-out. This project for Pulte Homes demonstrates that native species can be re-established even in arid climates.
Re-introduction of suitable native species provided the best long-term
solution for wind, rain, and soil erosion impacts.

Four of our fleet Hydroseeders taking a
safety check at Donner Summit.

Re-vegetating this site was critical in providing
both dust and erosion control until the
developer was ready to build.

Early spring seeding can take advantage
of summer rains to help establish vegetation.

Sometimes site obstacles, like these rock
walls, require hose work to ensure a
professional, clean application.

Think hydroseeding isn't a dirty job, think again!

By mid-summer, vegetation establishment
is progressing nicely.