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The Folsom South Canal project exemplifies how a 3-Step Erosion Control Application can be successfully used to re-establish native grass species. Mark Seeding Services had the pleasure of working with Ranger Pipelines Inc., which was one of three pipeline contractors involved on the 15 mile Folsom South Canal fresh water transmission project.

Wow, this was one large water pipeline!

With the pipe installed underground, the disturbed
soil is almost ready for seeding.

After the seeding application, the area is covered
with straw mulch to protect the seed during germination.

What a beautiful Mark Seeding Services
truck and hydroseeder!

Hydroseeding application production follows
closely behind pipeline installation to minimize
the amount of exposed soil.

The 3-Step Erosion Control application is complete
and awaiting seasonal rain to germinate
the underlying seedbed.

Several weeks after the first rains, germination
is developing nicely.

By mid-winter, the native grasses are showing a
successful uniform vegetative erosion control cover.