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In January of 2004, our client Elliott Homes contacted us to assist them with SWPPP compliance for an 80 acre site in Rancho Cordova, California, and needed to accomplish this in a one week time-frame. The entire 80 acres required an application of straw mulch and tackifier to avoid costly fines. However, seasonal rainfall had reduced the site to a near quagmire; the site was too wet and soft to support the weight of our equipment. To accommodate our client's need we developed and engineered "skis" for our equipment which allowed us to successfully access the entire site. The project was a great success and we achieved the satisfaction of another appreciative customer.

Production on soft ground required the use
of smaller hydroseeding equipment pulled
by high flotation dozers.

This was a huge site to cover in only 4 days!

The skis allowed us to access the site with
minimal grade rutting.

Final application of tackifier slurry
over straw mulch.