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 CA Contractors License # 537905
NV Contractors License # 0069968

Bob Mark
Bob Mark

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Beau Fife
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Our Company

    Mark Seeding Services, Inc. began as a seed and supply company specializing in locally adapted seed varieties for small farms and landscape contractors in Northern California. As a consequence of a construction boom in the late 1970’s, our focus narrowed away from a dwindling farm base to an increasing demand by our landscape contractor customers who required improved, drought tolerant turf grass varieties, and native cover crops to address erosion control issues in the Central Valley and Sierra Foothills.
    As hydraulic seeding equipment technology improved, Mark Seeding Services stepped-in to fill a need for an agronomic based methodology that produced superior turf grass and erosion control results. Our clients include: landscape contractors, golf courses, cemeteries, parks, schools, home builder developers, pipeline contractors, county landfills, mines, highway departments, and government regulated restoration projects.
    For more than 40 years, Mark Seeding Services goal has been to provide intelligent solutions based on agronomic principles, utilizing the newest technologies, to position our company as the preferred hydroseeding and erosion control contractor in California and Nevada.

Our Team

    The Mark Seeding Services management team is dedicated to ensuring that our customers achieve project success by producing professional, consistent quality, hydroseeding and erosion control application services. Our safety-trained teams, and extensive, specialized fleet can quickly mobilize for high production capacity. And, when difficult weather and job site conditions exist, our ability to respond to our customers’ time sensitive projects with innovative solutions has earned Mark Seeding Services a leadership position in the hydroseeding and erosion control industry.

Bob Mark, President and Founder

My mission is to assist our clients in formulating a cost-effective, site-specific, agronomic protocol for vegetative establishment and sedimentation control that integrates the requirements of water and air quality regulations. I look forward to sharing my extensive experience and practical knowledge to ensure the success of your project. Don't hesitate to call me for assistance with project specifications or quotation requests!

Michael Mark, Vice President Operations

Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control,
CPESC #5087
Since joining the Mark Seeding Services team, my focus is to ensure cost-effective production solutions for your hydroseeding and erosion control projects. Our goal is to never compromise the quality and timeliness that has earned Mark Seeding Services the trust and loyalty of our customers. I look forward to working with you on your next project, from the initial bidding application, to meeting with you on-site to ensure a safe and efficient production mobilization.

Rhonda Mark, Vice President Administration and
Strategic Planning

The continued success of Mark Seeding Services is only as strong as the success of our customers, vendors, and employees. We believe this honorable partnership drives an excellence of service where mutual prosperity and satisfaction can be achieved. My goal is to work for you to enhance this relationship!

Beau Fife, Weed Abatement Project Coordinator DPR #120039
and Supervising Hydroseeding Foreman

You can depend on Mark Seeding Services to provide professional excellence in any Hydroseeding, Erosion Control, SWPPP, or Weed Abatement service we offer. We pride ourselves on timely mobilization, and custom tailor our services to your site conditions. I'm available to assist you with compliance regulations for Noxious Weed Removal or Vegetative Fuel Reduction. Please call, email, or fax any questions or quotation requests and I will respond in a timely fashion.

Vicki Green, Office Manager

As Office Manager, my focus since joining the Mark Seeding Services team, has been to build on my relationships with our clients, vendors and employees. Our continued success depends on responsive customer service, in addition to supporting the needs of our vendors and employees. This is what makes doing business with Mark Seeding Services, Inc. a positive and smooth experience!
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